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August 5, 2008

And...we're here!

I'm finally a blogger! Well, sort of. I guess I need to see how successful of a blogger I am before I actually say I'm a blogger, but I'm going to try!

Here is a little bit about my husband and I have been married for almost 8 years now. He's a Submariner in the NAVY and just became a Chief Selectee!!! We have three (sometime terrific children). Katie our oldest is a sassy know it all 7 year old! She's absolutely beautiful and loving to be around. Charlie our middle child...well, is Charlie. He just turned 3 and I thought the 2's were scary, I'm now thinking the 3's are scarier!!! Lillian, our baby, is just perfect! She's a very typical 5 month old, but with one extra chromosome! Lillian was born with Trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome.

Since, her birth, I've learned a lot about life and the gifts we are given. I make sure that all my gifts are taken care of and loved on continuously! I truly believe that GOD gives us special gifts because he knows that we're strong enough and courageous enough to take proper care of the gifts in our lives.

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