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This blog is a dedication to my family. However, I mainly started this blog because of my youngest daughter Lillian. You see Lillian was born with Down syndrome or Trisomy 21 or T21...even better, with a Designer Gene! Although, she has the extra chromosome, life in our household hasn't changed,  much.

I think that there is such a misconception of what life can be for someone who has an extra chromosome, but I'm hoping that what I write about can change that misconception. Which is why, you'll see that my blog is not solely dedicated to Down syndrome, but to our life and how Down syndrome fits in with us!  Down syndrome is not painful.  And trust me, Down syndrome does not bring misery!  

If you get a chance, please read Lillian's Birth Story.  Like many families in our community, we did not have a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.  Needless to say, we were shocked and scared.  However, we have climbed that hill and on our way down and enjoying the calm.

If you are new to this journey, I can't tell you when the pain and shock will wear off, but I can tell you that it will one day.  Just remember, you have a baby.  And your baby will still need you to love them, hold them, and to tell them they are perfect in every way.

I can't tell you when you will stop grieving.  But I can tell you to have hope and to be brave.    This journey may not have been what you wanted, but it's the one that was given to you.  I hope you will embrace it.  I promise you that the reward will far exceed your expectation!

and "Normal Syndrome"

OHHHH....and read here.  This will explain why I use the Hapa!

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