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October 30, 2008

Urinary Reflux...revisited

It's official.  Although Lillian had a urinary track infection, she does not have urinary reflux!  I was so happy to hear that piece of news!  She was  such a trooper though, she held on to her "pee" for as long as she could.  She made the nurses turn on the water.  Then, they tried pouring warm water on her thighs and ended up rubbing her belly.  It was like she knew she wanted them to wait on her terms, and so they did!  They filled  her tiny bladder so full and I ended up giving her a bottle.  Man...I'm wondering is she's learning how to hold grudges already???

In a couple of weeks, I'll be back in the same room so Katie can have the same procedures done. She's preparing herself mentally, because she already knows what to expect.  I think it gets harder as you're older because it's so intimidating.   But she's so brave, I think she'll do fine.

After our hospital visit, Charlie, Lillian and I met Bobby for lunch.  Since it was early release day for Katie, I went to pick her up and Bobby took Charlie home.  When we all got home, Bobby thought it would be nice to take the kids to the Jelly Belly Factory for their haunted house tour.  It was cute, it lasted all but 1 minute and then we had to finish their normal tour.  Charlie was a little scared.  He wanted to go back home to his bed.  But after Bobby held on to him, he completed the haunted house!

The kids were loving the end of the tour.  They got to enjoy a chocolate cell phone and some fruit punch.  So, I realized at the end of the night that I can't complain about Charlie not wanting to sleep...since I let him get on the biggest sugar high ever!  We had a great time though.  It's always nice to get out of the house with the kids and hubby!

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