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November 12, 2008

The Urologist...AGAIN!!!

And the new member of our family..."Maxie" Maximilian

The happiest baby ever!

Practising her new milestone!

Can you tell she eats well...look at that belly!

Better late than never...Trick or Treat???

Well, I hope you enjoyed the new pictures.  I know, I've fallen behind now that 21 for 31 is now over.  But, I'm back and hopefully will continue!

Actually, I know I really don't have much to share because there hasn't been anything special going on with us the last two weeks....except for I have another consult with the Urologist.  This time it is for Charlie!

Charlie had a 3 year well baby visit, which really wasn't all that necessary because he was up on his shots and nothing was going on that we couldn't deal with at home.  So glad that I went.  Because Charlie's "little boys" are not behaving the way they should!  I had no clue.  The pediatrician said that by this age, his testicles should not be communicating with each other and his are.  It's not a life or death situation, more like a fertility issue.  She said that if it is not taken care of, it will cause infertility when he is older.  And I do not want to be the reason that he can't bear and carry on the family name!  I swear, I think the Urologist is going to think my family is  "urologically" dysfunctional?  If there is such a thing!

Lillian had her first round of Physical Therapy and met with her teacher twice.  So far so good! She also is able to sit up without assistance when you put her down on her bum.  Lillian is doing great actually!  She also starting giving the most cheesiest grins ever!  It's like she can't smile big enough so she just continues to smile even if you don't smile back.  It's so funny, but oh so CUTE. I must say, that not all things with Lillian is so happy though.  If you miss her bedtime, she will let you know.  She will scream and scream until she's put to bed.  And this scream hurts, not her, but the rest of us!  At least she's learning how to communicate with us her own way!  And it's the weirdest thing, if she is not in bed by 7 p.m. she will wake up one or two times in the night and get up at 5:30 in the morning.  But when she is in bed on time, she will sleep to close to 7! Amazing, now only if my older two could do the same thing!

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