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February 17, 2009

How not to cook breakfast with a 3 year old!

me, "Charlie, what did you?"
Charlie, "I'm helping!"
note to self:  keep the pepper away from his reach!

Charlie, "Mommy, I can cook too!" can I fix this?
I scooped out most of the pepper with a spoon and added two more eggs.
What was I doing and why wasn't I watching him?
That's right...blogging!

Finished product...not too bad.  Hopefully it taste OK!

Breakfast is done!
Eggs with pepper, rice with sesame seed oil and soy sauce, and grapes.  


  1. It looks yummy! Kids always know what they are doing;0)

  2. Oh. My.

    I love it when they "help!" Such sweet souls.

    Hopefully he liked the eggs. That rice sounds yummy.

    Welcome to SiTS!! Em

  3. LOL!!! Sooo adorable...he was helping. And so true, my son fell off the bed today while I was updating my FB status. He's fine...but these electronic distractions do impede mothering sometimes. ;)
    Welcome to SITS!!

  4. Looks good, pepper and all! Nice to have a little helper around....

    Found you from Mrs. Jelly Belly's blog. Thought I'd say hello rather than just stalking. Cute blog!

  5. Way to go Charlie! I hope it tasted as wonderful as it looked. Maybe the next time Mommy is blogging, you can surprise her with a nice juicy steak.

  6. It looks like it came out great. My daughter used to make all kinds of things. Life happens and you made it work so good for you!


    Please visit me at

  7. LOL
    Oh yes. I'm very thankful my little one hasn't figured out the salt/pepper shakers. I can still pretend shake the stuff on his food and he's a happy camper.

    Coming over from SITS! Welcome!

  8. Hey that works! BTW, welcome to SITS!

  9. Looks yummy!

    Adorable photos!

    Good morning sistas! It's one day until Friday!

    I'm sponsoring a Mardi Gras contest on my blog. Lots of fun cupcake prizes.
    Grand Prize: Juicy Couture Pink Cupcake necklace.

    Zen Cupcake February 17, 2009: Mardi Gras Giveaway!

    Make it a great day!

  10. Wow, that was a lot of pepper!! lol

    I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been visiting SITS since last summer. I've read so many fun blogs and met so many amazing women. It's really a great community to share. Welcome aboard!



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