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February 8, 2009's my

Birthday today!

I woke up to a lovely baby hungry for her bottle and a 7 year old with crust over her entire left eye. beautiful Katie bug has pink eye.  I called urgent care to see what I should do, hoping that I could take her in tomorrow, but nope.  We were sent to the emergency room! After 2.5 hours of waiting, we saw the doctor for about 2 minutes.  20 minutes later we get our prescription and back home we go.  I told Katie to please wait for a Monday to get sick next time!  It's so much easier :)

But before I forget...I got the most beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings from my children...sans my husband :)  So, today wasn't all too bad.  I got a long nap and now we're going to get ready for dinner!

So, Happy Birthday To ME!


  1. Happy Birthday! I got an e-mail from BBC this morning saying it was your birthday! Sorry that you had to spend part of it at the hospital! Diamonds...hooray!!!

  2. Just visiting from SITS...and was scrolling through your posts.

    Happy Belated Birthday :)



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