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March 12, 2009

Improving on my Super Hero Status!

My oldest daughter and son have both been active in Tae Kwon Do - ATA style - the past month. It has been fun and challenging to watch them.  Challenging because I often wonder if my 3 year old son is truly ready for the vigor's of this sport and the attention span to listen to his "Master" for 30 minutes.   The answer is yes and no.  It all depends on his mood for the day, but otherwise, not bad.  However, he was sent back to me once for simply not following directions and running around!

Watching them though is amazing.  I thought to myself, this is what I need.  If I'm going to be the greatest superhero mother of all times, then I need to have some sort of fighting skill of my own.  

I am now a White Belt...soon to be Orange Belt (if I past my test next month!)

Now, I am currently in a class that is meant for older people.  I guess, in that term I should have realized older meant anyone in Junior High and above!  

My first week in class I was the only student there who did not have to rely on their "parent" for a ride home because I am old enough to sport my minivan and drive away on my own!'s the biggie!  I realized that those young kids who already have their black belts are called Mr. or Mrs. so and so and I must respond to them by Sir or Ma'am or last name!  That was hard to swallow!!!!

Ahhh....relief!  A very wonderful mother was inspired by me to now join the class too!  Ha, there are now two Superhero Mother's in training!

Watch out all the children in the world...get ready for me!

(P.S.  Doing Tae Kwon Do is really great!  I have had a blast even with the young en's around.  The best part is watching the waistline wiggle it's way down!)


  1. I'm so pround of you and happy for you!

    You've inspired me to take my butt back to Kickboxing tonight. I've been slacking! The class takes place in a martial arts studio and I love watching the other classes while I wait for mine to start.

  2. Thanks Chrystal! I'm glad I got you inspired...just think of those skinny jeans :)



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