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June 24, 2009

She's a yeller!

My Little Monkey Girl is a yeller. I'm not quite sure why, but the girl loves to yell. Don't be caught with food in your hand or she'll yell at you and chase you down until she gets a bite! It's a scene...a hilarious scene. So, not only is she a yeller but a eater too!

Her new favorite food are peaches! Cold peaches! I'm actually proud of her because she is not afraid to eat and try new foods. Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, we've done it all. And she will eat them all. I had to put a stop to the bananas though. Well, because it kinda made her stopped up. Such a horrible feeling!

But you know what the coolest thing is...all my kiddos are tofu lovers! They are such hapa it! Love them!

OK, back to this yelling thing. I was a little worried when we were on our way to the NASCAR race in Sonoma, CA. Fast cars, 40 + fast cars = LOUD NOISE! I wasn't sure how Monkey Girl would take it. But to my surprise, she loved it! She loved the roar of the cars. It was like they gave her permission to yell and scream as loud as she wanted and it was OK, because no one would tell her "hush". Hopefully, when she gets her hearing checked again, we'll be OK!

And now I'll leave you all with some pictures. It's been a while...see how much she's grown!


  1. She's gorgeous! Caleb is a yeller too. I find it funny unless we're somewhere quiet then it's not so funny. I bet he'd love the races too. Cute family pics. :)

  2. Wow, your family is gorgeous!!

  3. She's loosing her "baby" look and becoming a little girl!!! So cute, but way too fast!!

  4. Oh, she IS growing up!!! :( But don't feel bad, my baby boys are too. And you and your hubby make BEAUTIFUL children!!

  5. Just found your blog -- these photos are wonderful, glad to hear your little one had a great time at the event! You have a beautiful family :)



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