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June 19, 2009

The younger years of myself part 1

Just recently I had a guest at my house. This person is someone that I've known a long long time. She is my one of my oldest friend. I couldn't believe that it was almost 10 years since our last visit! My friend and I have known each other since second semester 6th grade. My family had just moved from living in Misawa Air Force Base, Japan to R.A.F. (Royal Air Force even though it was an American Air Base) Upper Heyford. So in essence, I moved from cold snowy weather to cold rainy weather! The cold rainy weather did not do my curly fro any justice!

So, anyways. The first few weeks of school was mind blowing. I was instantly thrown into the whirls of middle school, when I was sitting happily at the thrown of elementary school. My friend, N, at the time sat by me in one of my classes. I asked to borrow her coloring pencils since I had none. And she looked at me and said, "No!" My first thought was Beotch...but it quickly faded. We soon became friends.

Why is this so important? Maybe it is maybe it's not, but having her at my home reminded me about myself during my high school years. I was a total G-E-E-K! Why? Why? Why? It's true. I didn't cause trouble and I always did things to make my teachers and parents proud. And I didn't even have a boyfriend (this is something I am really sad about). I don't even think my name registered as a hottie in any one of the boys minds that I went to school with. Yeah, I did some stuff (I did have fun in Holland!~), but nothing to the point of getting grounded and receiving detention. I was the total good doer. She and one other girl were truly my best friends, but my life was so incredibly different from theirs. And it still is from this very day.

It goes to show that how you behaved in the past can truly haunt you. Because when my friend N phoned her mom, her mom said, "She (me) is such a good girl". I am and will always be that good girl.

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  1. Hey girl! found ya on SITS and thought i'd say hi....isn't it fun to reminisce about the good old days?!



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