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September 16, 2009

Going Green...slowly

So, I've always been a big advocate of recycling. I try my best to make sure I recycle everything that I can. But now I want to try something new.

There are a lot of Green Products on the market, but I think those green products are too expensive! I know going Green is good, but not good for our bank account! So, I'm reaching out to you all. What are some of your tried and true solutions for every day cleaning, including laundry! Share with me your recipes/formulas!

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  1. Hey, Sonia..........if chipmunk is your friend on BBC and on FB ask her............she is ONE CRUNCHY MOMMA!!! LOL She just started making her own dishwasher detergent too I think. But for simple cleaning, vinegar and water. 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water and place in a mister. Also, Soap Nuts, are not too terribly expensive online and are great for laundry (I have used Maggie's Soap Nuts).



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