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January 29, 2010

Picture time

The other day, Lillian and I went see Michelle, who is a friend through the Down syndrome community in our area!  She took some awesome pictures of Lillian that day!  I mean truly, just awesome!  If you click on her name or click here, you will be directed to her site where you can find some of her pictures!

I just wanted to make sure that I told the world how thankful I am that Michelle took her pictures.  I love looking at Lillian's pretty face!


  1. those are beautiful! I have actually met Michelle and Cody! I had no idea she was a photographer- SO COOL!

  2. Sheree, isn't she fun to be around! Yeah, she's very hush hush about it, I think she should be more loud! I'm gonna get the word out on her!



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