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April 26, 2010


It's been a while since I've shared stories about Lillian.  

We are still working very hard on speech with her.  She continues to work on her signing and getting better with them.  Her favorite sign is "open", because she wants us to open everything for her, especially if there is food involved!  But, there is one unique thing with her signing.  Lillian will sign and say the word.  The word may not be perfect, but it's understandable.  She's always been a very verbal child, and recently it is taking off!  I really wish I knew what she was saying, because I bet she's telling us off!  

She also likes it when her brother gets in trouble.  She's such a cheeky little kid!  She will point and laugh at him and start saying a bunch of stuff.  I shouldn't laugh, but it's so funny I just can't help it.

You will know if she likes you if she does "E.T." with you.  She will point her finger at you with a smile and she wants you to touch her finger back with your pointer finger.  

Lillian is a little comedian too!  She will stand in the middle of the room and start making sounds and just burst out laughing.  I bet she's making fun of something I'm wearing...but it's OK, her laughter makes me want to laugh too!

But, her sweetness is never far behind.  She will almost always give me the biggest wettest kiss.  And her hugs just melt my heart.

I think everyone should have a little bit of Lillian in their lives...the world will truly be a better place!


  1. Yes, everyone should have "a little bit of Lillian in their lives"!! I have a little bit of Johnny in my life- and don't know what I would do without him. :)
    Enjoying your blog!



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