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May 4, 2010

Organize Me! pt. 2

Thank you everyone for your helpfulness!  As a recap...I did not get to run my first 5k :(  There just wasn't enough time to fit that in.

However, I did have a wonderful time at the Down syndrome Support Group.  We got to meet a two wonderful new additions to our group...a little boy and brand new baby girl!  I am in love all over again!  Holding Ms. T in my arms was wonderful and it made me miss all things baby!  She had that intriguing baby smell and wonderful baby breath that I miss dearly.  And she gave me the most wonderful smiles that filled me up with happiness.  For her, I was happy to have missed my first 5k.

Soon after, Lillian and I met the rest of the family at our church to volunteer for a rummage sale.  There was so much stuff!  Sadly, Katie realized that I gave away a bag of our toys.  I did not do this intentionally either, it was purely incidental!  The majority of her Webkinz and Care Bears were in this bag of toys.  This bag was meant to be put away but somehow was put in the church pile.  Ugh...I felt horrible.  Especially, when she told me that she thinks her toys were part of the sale.  I kinda just brushed it off thinking someone else had the same stuff as we did.  Nope.  I was wrong.  When we got home, the bag was missing.  I really felt really really bad, because she could have salvaged her things, but I wouldn't let her. Thankfully, her birthday is around the corner.  Hopefully, I can make it up to her!

SO....Now, I am learning how to use the calender on my phone properly.  I think this is a great idea since my phone is always by my side.  I just hope that I don't loose it!  Maybe, I should by a pocket calender also.  I can't go wrong with writing plans out in more than one calender...right?


  1. Baby T was just THE cutest!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't want to let her go! Actually, I didn't give her up until I put her in her carrier for her to leave. And the best part is as they are walking out the door Cody was grabbing his shoes and yelling at me that he needed "CHOOS on. I go!" He loved Baby T, too!!!

  2. I love the convenience of my calender phone but I want to upgrade to a better one. I just have to convince my husband that I need one!



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