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September 22, 2010

A little Support and lot’s of Love

It’s almost October, and for those who don’t know, it will soon be Down Syndrome Awareness month.  I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain why it’s so important to me.  I just hope that you, my readers…friends, think it’s just as important. 

Last year, the family participated in the Down Syndrome Information Alliance Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk, and it was a blast!  It was emotional. It made me happy. 

I often say how much I loved living in Hawaii, because I was surrounded by people who looked like me.  It was the first time in my life that I was around a large group of people who didn’t question or ask about my “ethnic” background, because a lot of us are Hapa people!

But this walk, it was special.  Because it brought together a large group of people that I rarely get to see.  Eyes that were somewhat similar, but different than Lillian’s. I was surrounded by families who knew my personal struggles, pure joy and happiness.  We were surrounded by people who didn’t question, look or stare.  She was surrounded by her peers who have or will go through similar life experiences.

It was a day we all were able to show our support and share to the world our unconditional love.

So, I’ll leave it at pressure or guilt.  If you want to help donate in Lillian’s Honor, I would be forever grateful.  If you can’t, but are willing to share  your support and love for Lillian by leaving a comment,  I will still be forever grateful. 

Stepping up for Lillian’s Lilypad’s 

for the October 17, Step up for Down Syndrome Awareness Walk




20100605BrownFamily (51 of 84)

(All photos taken by MRS Photography)


  1. We will be there too! This is our first year so I am excited!

  2. Sooo...."where are you from"? Really from? ;o) JK!!!! Love the photos. Lillian is just too cute!

  3. Your daughter is beautiful!!!!!

  4. We'll see you there! Can't wait!

  5. hahaha...Tanya, I love this question. Because when people ask me they kinda
    want to know what I am. However, to answer your question, I guess you can
    say I'm from Florida. BUT, I grew up an Air Force Brat, lived in Spain,
    England, Japan and Korea. It wasn't until the summer before my senior year
    in High School that I moved to Florida. Florida is where I went to college,
    got married and had my first child! I just don't miss the hot humid

    Want to know something else that's funny...we lived in a town called
    Niceville and I lived at ### Sparkleberry Cove.

    I am half black and half korean!



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