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October 11, 2010

31 for 21:10

So, tonight is another picture night.  I’m in the mood for pictures.  But I have to explain that I’m not the studio loving type.  I like realistic, up close and in your face, having fun with color type of pictures. I’m not a photographer, but I wish I was.  But I’ll share some of my favorites.
AND…to make this post a real 31 for 21 post I’m gonna throw in some Down syndrome Facts.
Down syndrome shows no favoritism.  Whether you are a blue collar or white collar family. Black family. Asian family. White family.  Latino family.  Middle Eastern family…the list goes on.  Down syndrome can present itself to every type of family out there.  Even the mixed up families, like ours.
So, here’s to my own personal lovelies.
BUT, if you really want to see some fantastic photos, go visit Erin’s photo blog.  AMAZING. 


  1. I really like these Sonia! Love the detail shots! You are so sweet. Now to catch up on all your posts I've missed these past two weeks!

  2. Beautiful family! Beautiful Mom!

  3. LOVE these photos and the collage...SO artistic! And gives you a good "peak" into who you all are. Love it!

  4. I HEART your list of facts. May I borrow them for Cody's blog? ;)

  5. Thank you Jen...although I'm far from being artistic! I just love
    pretending I am...working on the creative side of the brain!

  6. Thanks Erin! And I won't hold it against you for neglecting me the past two
    weeks, I know Mr. L hasn't been feeling well. Hope he feeling much better
    these days!



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