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October 6, 2010

31 for 21:5

Yesterday, I mentioned about some blog post ideas for this challenge. 

On my way home last night, there was this big black truck right behind me.  Like on my butt behind me!  So, I changed lanes to let him pass.  Here’s the thing, the road we were on has a gazillion stop lights, so I never take off fast and push the gas, because you just won’t make it pass the other light.

So, we both had to stop at the next light and I just knew he was ready to take off and try to pass the next light before it turned red.  The light turned green and there he went and I just took my time…and he was there waiting for me at the next stop light.  This probably happened for the next five miles as it seemed we were heading to the same destination.  No matter how fast he went, I was getting there on my own time.  And I knew he was still going to be there.

This whole scenario kind of played out in my mind about the kids with typical development and the kids with Down syndrome.  The black truck, to me, represented the typical kids.  On the go, pushing hard to get to the next step and going as fast as they can until they have to pass onto the next milestone.  My mini van represented the kids with Down syndrome.  We take our time, but we know we’re eventually going to get there.  And the joy we get knowing that when we got there the other person is still there, waiting for the go.  They go and we catch up.  And the best part is we are all going to the same destination.  The van may have more stops, but eventually we will reach our final destination.

I’ll let you decide what that destination can be…I already know what ours is!


  1. Thanks, I really enjoyed reading this. It can be so discouraging playing catch up and I like your out look.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to visit!



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