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October 9, 2010

31 for 21:8

OHHHHH…see  I knew I would somehow miss a day!  However, I think I had a good excuse.  Bobby and Charlie went to the Giants vs. Braves game in San Fran, so the girls and I hung out together.  And we had a great night watching tv shows together and eating pasta with Alfredo Sauce and ice cream.  It was Katie’s pick, and she specifically picked out shell pasta and the sauce!

The boys didn’t come home until after midnight and I was on the couch sleeping.  And Bobby asked if I blogged today…ARGGGG I sure didn’t.

I may not have a specific blog post in mind, but I just read one that totally gave me happy tears.  This post will make you (hopefully) see how strong our children are.  How they made it here even with the odds stacked against them.  Oh how I love them all!

Daily Smiles
31 for 21:Against All Odds

So, please read it.  I encourage you to.  And if you felt something positive after reading it, leave her a comment!  Heck, leave me one too letting me know what you thought and felt after reading her post.

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  1. oH, thank you!!! You know I never really have a post in mind when I sit down in the morning, I just pray that whatever i do write, that there is someone out there who will get something out of it. I'm glad you liked it!!



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