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December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Didn't want to forget a Christmas post.  I hope everyone I know is having a wonderful Christmas with their friends and family!  We are celebrating our Christmas with my dad in Temecula, CA, before we head back East to Florida!

So far, so good...except my son will have to earn Christmas next year!  Five year old boys are not fun to be around when they are in a crabby mood.  Now, I completely understand that he is not happy with our move, neither am I, but these past two weeks leading up to today has been hellacious!  I've dreamt of breaking a wooden spoon on his behind more than I cared to.  I can only hope that once we are settled and moved into our new home, he will be back to his old happier persona!

And now, for a quick update on our whereabouts. 

We have officially PCS'ed out of Travis AFB, CA!  This move has been so bittersweet for me. Not only did I make friends with other military spouses, I made friends in the Down syndrome Community as well!  Friends that I hope will last a lifetime.  The people who helped Lillian grow strong and healthy.  The ones who knew her potential.  I will miss them dearly!  But,  part of being a military spouse is learning to say hello knowing that you will have to say goodbye, even if you are not ready.  I've made many friends playing this role.  And I've cried many times.  It is never easy to leave the ones you love, knowing that you will probably never see them again. But yet, we still move, say Hello and start all over again.  However, the sweet part to this move is moving closer to "home".  I use "home" in quotation marks because I really don't have a home (moved all over being a military brat myself).  But "home" is where I went to college, fell in love, got married and had my child.  Home is being closer to friends and family that we knew we would see again.  So, it's nice knowing that we are going back home.

Merry Christmas Everyone and have a Happy New Year!


  1. So sorry that this move has been so hard on everyone. It must be very difficult to leave your friends behind. I hope that you can get settled easily. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Hi Erin, it's never easy, but the fun part is making new friends! Please keep us in prayer as we trek across the country and finding a fantastic home for our family!



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