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April 19, 2011

2 Weeks

It’s official.  It has been two weeks since the husband has been out to sea.  What a transition for me and the kids!  Actually, they are doing much better now.  In fact, they are handling my ever so mean hearted witch like mood swings I've had since the arrival of my monthly visit from Mother Nature has taken place!  

Normally, daddy is around to protect our children from being persecuted for leaving crumbs on the floor, but he's not here right now.  And I've been trying really really hard to make a conscious effort to divert the inner witch, but my son has unleashed her lashings more than once (only because he finds it humorous until he's been punished) until my inner self was able to put her away.

I wish I could share stories of how hard and depressing it is without him...and I just need someone to be here to help...or the this is when I need my family the most type stories.  But I don't have any right now..  I do have some very close friends of the family who have lend their support, but for the most part, we're doing pretty good! Don't take me wrong...I do miss him a lot.  And the kids really miss him too.  I just think we know how to keep ourselves occupied so we don't think about his absence everyday.

I say this now, this is only a one month sea trial.  So, I might be singing a different tune when he's gone for four!  We shall see!

For now, I thought I would share some cool pics for you all.  They are not high quality, but still cool!  They are pictures of the day the boat pulled out.  The kids and I never saw this before (shame on me) so I found it pretty exciting!  It kinda made me proud that my husband was working that boat!


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