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May 13, 2011

Couponing for the Community

Today, I had the pleasure to share the joys of couponing by donating some of my extra “free” items (52 to be exact) that I have been stockpiling for the past month!  I was really excited, because all the items the kids and I donated were items I paid $.50 or less, some were even free!

As, you can see, the items we donated were not only non perishable foods, but toiletries as well. 

The kids and I drove to Dunkin’ Donuts to meet Karen, Meagan and Ali, where they set up a drop off location for donations.  All three of these ladies have their own couponing and savings blogs, here in the Jacksonville Area.  So, it was kinda cool to actually meet them in person after reading about them!

Every year bloggers and readers across the U.S. participate in Couponing for the Community to help local charities in their communities.   So, from May 8 to May 14th, you have a chance to help and make donations of your own too! I’m just happy that my new couponing skills have allowed me to participate without sacrificing money from our piggy bank.

So…for all you guys who think that there just aren’t any coupons for things they need can now use those coupons for charity instead.


And just think…my pantry has double that amount you see here!

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