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July 12, 2011


Before I get started, I wanted to just let everyone know that I am a slacker.  I admit it, I am a slacker at home and in everything I do.  I think a lot.  I think a lot about doing stuff,  but I think about it so much, that it never gets done…

The past month has been really busy!  I hope to share them with you, but today I wanted to share Lillian’s IEP experience, otherwise known as an Individual Education Plan.

On June 8, I was preparing to meet with a squad of people from the school district to discuss her IEP for the following school year.  I was alone.  Her only advocate (dear husband was still out to sea).  Needless, to say, I was nervous.  Nervous, because before going into this I read up on many blogs about how awful their IEP experiences were.  But, I also read how good some IEP experiences were.  And Thankfully, I am joining the ranks of the positive IEP experience!

Before actually attending the IEP meeting there were certain things that had to be done.  All her evaluations took place a month or two prior to us meeting as a team.  *This is important.  I think having her evaluations done before the meeting makes it less stressful.  And she did not have to be in attendance during the meeting*

Besides myself, the ESE teacher, General Ed. teacher, Evaluation Specialist, Speech Therapist and the Guidance Counselor were all present.  Mentally, one could think that it was 4 people versus 1.  This was not the case.  We all worked together for Lillian and were able to put together her IEP successfully.  All of my concerns were heard and were written into the plan.  All the specialist going over their evaluations were just about spot on.  And as a team, we agreed that our main focus would be speech, along with the regular preschool curriculum.  Lillian will also receive Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy while in school.  Phew…it was a weird feeling, because it just seemed too easy.  Oh, I also brought a picture of Lillian to share with the group.  I thought it would be nice for the teacher and other’s who have not met her to see my beautiful baby girl.

I also had a chance to tour the school (which I had already done before Charlie started school).  I also had some alone time with her teacher-to-be. I am very excited for the school year to come.

And yes, school year.  This means that I chose to put Lillian in the Special Education Program through the school district *I have to also note, that you do not have to sign the IEP right there and then.  You have the right to take it home and review it more in your time.  Also, you are not limited to a Special Education Program.  You as a parent will know what will suit your child’s needs.  For us, the school program was what I felt would benefit Lillian the most*.  Her day will not be spent inside a classroom, but she will be able to participate in all school activities and have some play time with the typical kids in the school.  There will be seven children altogether in her classroom with one teacher and two aides.  I am very confident that she will do well and learn a lot through this program. 

I was and still am very happy with this Experience.  I can only hope that the school year will be a successful  and positive experience for Lillian!

I’m not sure how much this will help anyone, but I hope that my experience was some what enlightening.  So, please please please don’t hesitate to ask questions or email me any concerns.  I may not be an expert, but at least I have this one under my belt!

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  1. I am so glad you had a great experience. I have had nothing but positive experiences where the providers all had his best interest in mind.

    I look forward to seeing school pictures of Miss Lillian!!



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