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August 7, 2008

Does your baby have Down Syndrome?

Last night the family went out to dinner with a friend at Olive Garden. We love Olive Garden :) Our waitress was an older lady who paid attention to the family. After our dinner, she comes back over and said,"Does your baby have Down Syndrome?" And I'm stunned and and said,"Yes, yes she does!" She said she knew right away that she was a Down Syndrome baby (I know...she was older and we younger ones prefer a baby with Down Syndrome). She goes on to say she had twins and one was born with Down Syndrome. She continues to tell me that she didn't know at that time what it meant, but when the doctor said Mongoloid, she knew that term. I'm so happy times have looking Asian is a bad thing! Well, her daughter lives at home with them, but holds a part time job. Her daughters are 38 years old and she shared a lot. It was interesting needless to say...and very brave! I guess I just haven't built up the courage to approach other parents who have kids with Down Syndrome yet...but maybe one day!

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