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August 6, 2008

Hail to the CHIEF!

PhotobucketMy Dear Husband has served in the United States Navy as a Submariner for over 13 years and in a few short weeks will be sporting his Khakis!!! Bobby is now a Petty Officer Chief the next few weeks will be miserable for him as he goes through initiation! hehehe....

The bad news with that is our move to California will only be s very short stay. We were told not to get settled in because soon after we get there we'll be moving again. To where, we don't know, but there will be a move!


  1. Congrats to Bobby!

    But I admit that I'm bummed that you won't be in CA long. I was looking forward to some long-term company. We're here for over two more years!

    Please keep in mind that the invitation is still open for you all to come visit once you're settled!

  2. Hi Sonia! I'm sorry its late but CONGRATS!! xoxo, Amie



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