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October 15, 2008

The Bestest Sister Ever!

So, this week, I've been tauting the praises of my dear sister, Sophia!  Again, I'm so proud of her and her legs for running 26.2 miles!  But she does something more than that, something that is so totally unexpected.  My sister bought a ton of clothes of the girls.  But on top of that she sends me a generous gift card to my fav store Old Navy!!!  Now you would think that I should have treated her to something spectacular, but she beats me to it!  And tomorrow, a package for Charlie will be arriving.  Can there be a better sister...auntie than that?

I love love love my baby sister!


Down syndrome Fact:

Quality of life for individuals with Down syndrome continue to improve.  Infants and young children with Down syndrome are now able to receive Early Intervention to greatly improve their quality of life.  Not so long ago, the majority of people with Down syndrome were institutionalized and kept hidden.  Currently, a diagnosis of Down syndrome does not mean doom and gloom as we now see children with Down syndrome in mainstream classrooms, graduating from high school and college, living on their own, maintaining a job, and some who are happily married.

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