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October 14, 2008

Crazy Mommy needs!

We have officially transitioned Lillian to her crib and out of our room.  Lillian and Katie will now be sharing a room, since we only have a 3 bedroom house.  Last night, was the first night and I'm pretty sure Lillian knew what was up, because she did not sleep quietly at all.  At one point, Katie left her room because it was too loud from Lillian.  I felt bad...Katie lost sleep because we chose to transition her on a Sunday night instead of the weekend.  What was I thinking???  

Don't misunderstand though.  Lillian slept in her bassinet in our room not in our bed.  However, there has been many times she ended up in our bed :)  I tend to allow my kids to do that.  Sometimes, I crave their hugs and warmth.  I love feeling Lillian playing with my face in the morning.  I don't even mind having Charlie sleeping on my back.  On the weekends, Katie will crawl in bed with us too, but she's getting big.  Bobby got mad one morning and left the bed to all of us and slept on the couch!  He's not the family bed type of guy...hehehehe.

On one of my mommy boards, another mom was sharing with us how her child was feeling sick.  I had to share that I secretly don't mind when mine feel a little under the weather.  As my kids get older, they don't want to cuddle and snuggle with me.  But, when they don't feel good, they want mommy.  They snuggle and cuddle me.  I know, I'm not right for that, but it's one of those feel good feelings that I wish my kids would never outgrow.  Now that I know that Lillian is my last and finaly baby, I'm taking advantage of everything baby.  I can't believe that she's almost 8 months old, and that I'm already missing newborn stage.  I'm just waiting for my sister to hurry up and have babies, so I can quickly get over my baby needs.

Down Syndrome Fact for the Day:
It doesn't matter what race, ethnic or religous background you come from.  Your chances of having a baby with Down syndrome is all the same as every other woman in your age group. But I like to think that Lillian is the only half white, quarter black and quarter korean baby with Down syndrome in the world.  I just like making her extra extra special :) 

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