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October 17, 2008

I'm so tired and a stinky poopy story!

This week I started working out with a friend of mine at her gym.  I meet her at 5:45 a.m. and I run about 2 miles on the treadmill and finish off with push ups and crunches.  I'm trying really hard to keep motiviated so I can finally fit into my old clothes from before Lillian!  Well, today I'm just tired!  My back hurts and my legs hurt.  

So, then I'm trying to get ready for bed and Charlie comes out of his room having to go pee, but I smell poo (mind you that he's been having some stinky farts all day long) .  He goes to the bathroom and pulls down his pants and I see poo all over his butt and underwear!  Oh ... come on!  Why now?  I just want to sleep!  Then, as he is peeing he farts again and stuff lands all over the floor!  So, I get him cleaned up, the bathroom cleaned up, and  I put on one of Lillian's diaper on his butt, give him some diarreah stuff, and put him back to bed.

Asked my husband to write for me tonight, because I'm tired, but he said, "No.  It's not my blog and my challenge.  If I write in it then you wouldn't have completed the challenge."  I think otherwise.

Now, I remember what I really wanted to write about.  Lillian and Katie both had a doctor's appointment for the same reason.  They had to see a Urologist.  But, I'm saving that one for tomorrow.  Because I'm going to bed now.

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