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October 18, 2008

Vesicoureteral Reflux or VUR

Yesterday, I briefly mentioned that the girls went to see a Urologist.  Both Katie and Charlie had Vesicoureteral Reflux  until they both had corrective outpatient surgery in May and June 2006.  They both had a grade III VUR, I being the lowest and a V being the highest grade.  Because Katie suffered from more than one Urinary Tract Infection that lead to Kidney Infections, she suffers from kidney damage in both kidneys.  It is not a life threatening disease, but something that might cause high blood pressure.  When we knew for sure that Charlie also had a grade III, we opted for him to have the surgery so he wouldn't sustain any kidney damage either.  

Apparently, having a VUR is hereditary and either Bobby and/or I were carriers and gave it to them.  So, now we have Lillian and she will be examined also to see if she has this condition.  Katie still has a grade I, which the doctor hopes it resolved on its own.  The problem is the only way to check it is through Ultrasound and a VCUG (voiding cystourethrogram).  The VCUG is not very comfortable.  They insert a cathetar to fill your bladder with a dye and you must void the dye while they take x-rays of the dye voiding the bladder.  They are looking for the "reflux" part, and to see how far the dye will travel up the urethra and into the kidneys.  For little kids, this can be very intimidating and scary.  Although, Katie has had four procedures done, she still hates the thought of doing it again.  On the upside, if all goes well, she won't have to ever do it again!   I'm just happy that Lillian is young enough, that she won't remember.  Lillian's procedure will be towards the end of May and Katie will have hers during the 2nd week of November.  Both girls will go back on November 17 to see the doc again.  Wish us LUCK!  Hoping that neither of the girls will have to worry about surgery!

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