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October 12, 2008

My Sister and the Chicago Marathon

Right now, at this moment, my dear sister is sleeping and getting lot's of rest.  Why?  Because she will be running in the Chicago Marathon tomorrow!  She has been training for this six months now!  Personally, I think I rather endure another 32 hours of labour with Charlie than run the marathon, but if anyone can do it, I know my sister can!  I will post pics tomorrow.  My dad is there now representing the family...I'm just so proud of her!!!  Go Sophie!!!

Down syndrome Fact:

Actually, this is more of a myth buster.  There are many who believe that people with Down syndrome are always happy and content.  Well, my dear friend's daughter, who just so happens to have Down syndrome and currently a teenager, is not always happy and content.  She can be just as bossy and stubborn like every other big sister in the world.  And Lillian will get very upset when mommy walks by her and not acknowledge her presence.  Every child/teen/adult with Down syndrome will have their own personality like you and I.  And it may or may not be the Happy Content person that has always been stereotyped.

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  1. You have a gorgeous family!! I saw your blog through Chrystal's.. Just thought I would say HI! We will be checking back regularly!!

    -Shawndi & A'Reian



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