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November 19, 2008

Back from Chicago

We made it back from Chicago last night and now I'm so tired!  BUT, I need to let you all know that I didn't just go with Lillian, but Charlie and Katie went to Chicago with me too.  I have to say, that my kids made me SOOOOOOO proud.  They were so good and well behaved, that when we landed they were complimented on how wonderful they were to travel with!

The funny thing about traveling with three kids and one parent are the looks of worry from other passengers!  I know what they're thinking, "Please, I hope they aren't sitting by me/us".  Luckily, because they are pretty good traveler's, by the end of the flight, they breathe a sigh of relief.

When we left California, the weather was so nice.  It was warm and sunny.  Arriving into Chicago was so dark and terribly cold.  It has been so long since I felt cold like that.  Not even Washington felt that cold!  The kids were so excited though.  I don't think they even felt the cold.  But when the first snow starting falling, Charlie thought it was Christmas!  Oh, before I forget.  When we were waiting in the baggage area, we met the cutest little girl who also had Down syndrome.  I'm starting to hone in on my skills...because I saw her from a distance and knew.  Well, her and her family came my way and waited in the same area I was in and I asked politely if that was their daughter and if she had Ds.  Mom smiled and said yes and I told her my youngest has Ds also.  We chit chatted for a bit and I learned that her daughter is 3 and signs a lot!  She was just too cute.  They were heading back to Wisonsin, I hope they had a good trip.

Being in Chicago was nice though.  I forget how much I miss my family.  I truly enjoy my mother and sister and wish so much that we can be closer.  See, my mom is in Florida, my sister in Chicago and me....everywhere else!..  The saddest part of the trip was seeing  Katie cry.  She loves being with family too.  That's truly the hardest part of being a very active military family.  Being away from family.

I will post pics of the plane ride in a bit.  It's time to clean house.


  1. Glad that you had a nice time in Chicago! Sorry the weather was bad. I guess it's pretty much like that here all winter long. Illinois is still home to me regardless of the weather!

    Let me just are VERY brave to travel with 3 kids by yourself!!!

  2. Welcome home! Glad you had a good trip. Give yourself a pat on the back, after all, your kids learned their good manners from you right? :)



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