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November 24, 2008

Finally...the pics

Staying warm in the cold Chicago weather!

Having fun at Build A Bear! (Thank you Aunt Sophie for spoiling us!)

Having fun with Halmoni (Grandma)

Charlie sleeping on the floor of the plane.

Katie waiting for her drink.

Lillian being a great baby on the plane!

I know I'm a little late...but most people who know me know that I'm just about late on everything I do! There are just not enough ways to express how THANKFUL I am that my kids flew so well on our recent trip to Chicago!
I love you babies!!!!! Muah!


  1. Your children are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures from your trip.

  2. great pics! Your kids are too cute for words :)

  3. What beautiful pictures of your family. Really heart-warming to see everyone. I'm glad your trip to Chicago was so good.



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