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January 23, 2009

The Difference

When you're not around other little babies sometimes it's hard to think about your baby being different.

Yesterday Bobby and I were at the gym working out (I'll save that for another post).  At our gym, there is a little room they designate for families with children.  They provide a few work out equipment and a gated play area, in which, us parents are responsible for our children.  Half way through the workout another mom comes in and brings her adorable, chunky monkey of a baby boy.  He is sitting right by Lillian and they're doing their baby talk, way cute.  Then, he goes to his knees and starts to crawl.  This was the first time that I noticed the "difference".  I always thought she was doing good and there was nothing to worry about.  Which there really isn't anything to worry about.  But, man my heart sank a little bit to see this little boy crawl circles around Lillian.  She was working so hard, getting up on all fours, but to no avail.  Then there were other differences.  They weren't big, but noticeable.  He was younger but much bigger than she was.

Like I said, it was the first time I saw the "difference".  I know in many ways that babies all hit milestones at different times.  He may have hit them sooner than later.  I guess I should stop comparing.  But's so hard to do!


  1. I tooootally get it, Sonia.

    Just know you're doing great and so is Lillian.

  2. I hear ya. :(

    I am hoping one day, it will be easier to *not* compare...but who knows.

    All that matters is that Lillian is wonderful, and you are wonderful, and EVERYTHING is the way it should be :)

  3. Embrace those differences! It is those differences that make your baby wonderful. When our son was born 2 and a half months early, we learned quickly about differences. From the lady who told me my son was too big for his carrier (in actuality, he couldn't hold himself up), to the children at the mall who laughed at the baby wearing a helmet (another shot to the gut). You're milestones will come slower, but embrace each moment! You're doing a wonderful job!

  4. I will embrace! I know she is wonderful! But it has to be some crazy mommy thing that makes us do that.

    That's why I love putting it out there because I know I'm not the only one. But for the most part, it's always nice to hear you guys telling me "it's OK". As much as I have my ups and downs, you guys always bring me right back up.

    Thank you!

  5. It's hard for me as well but I just tell myself that Seth will do things when he is ready. Any good mom is worried about their child's progress.



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