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February 3, 2009

Health Update

It is possible that I may have strep throat.  I will find out tomorrow.

However, Lil bit monkey girl...well, she is suffering from Pink Eye and an Ear Infection!

The Pink eye was a giveaway!  You can't miss that.  But the ear infection...whoa, caught me off guard.

I can't remember is I shared this on my blog before.  But I know on one of my baby message boards, we talked about children with Down Syndrome having a high tolerance for pain.  When I see Lillian, I can believe it.  She rarely cries.  Last week, she had croup and was so congested, but never did she cry.  She is always smiling and laughing.  Even when she is feverish, she still doesn't cry.  I don't know, maybe it's just her.

Another example of her pain tolerance is when she is given a shot.  Both she and Charlie got their flu shots at the same time.  Charlie just flipped out! took forever to get him to settle down.  But not Lillian.  Didn't shed one tear.  In fact, she's been like that will all her shots.  I don't mind really, because if  you knew my Charlie, you would know that he sheds enough tears for the entire family :)  I love you Charlie :)

She will cry when something seems to scare her.  So, I know she can cry.

I'll just pretend she's super girl.  The genetic gift she received from her super mom :)

KNOCK ON WOOD....Luckily, Katiebug still hasn't gotten sick!  She must have some super juju that was passed down to her from her mystical school friends.  Because so far, no one in her class has been out sick yet!


  1. It's true about the lack of sensitivity to pain. Joaquin was and is still somewhat like that as well. I remember as a baby that he wouldn't cry or even flinch sometimes from needles or shots. At the Institutes, they explain that is has something to do with the brain and how it has difficulty acknowledging the sensory stimulus, etc etc. Some of his therapy is actually geared towards helping him react more to pain so that if he is ever in danger, he knows to get away. For example, a hot stove. We want him to know and feel that a hot stove is dangerous and not to touch. That is an extreme example but you can see where a high pain threshold could be a disadvantage to a child. I hope this makes sense :)!
    Love seeing you on Facebook :)!!!

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  3. Lily must have a high tolerance for pain too. After open heart surgery they took her off pain meds before we went home and just used Tylenol. We only had to give her tylenol for a couple of days onece we were home.

    Hope you are all feeling well soon!!!

  4. Isn't that amazing? I always thought I had a high tolerance, but compared to Lillian I'm a baby!

    However, thinking about what Jennifer said, it is a little scary too. It's weird thinking about having to teach her about pain and reacting to it.



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