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February 10, 2009

Navy wife stuff...ehh

I found this wonderful blog of military wives.  The wives are supporting their men from all "ranks" of life.  And upon finding this blog, I started to think about the phases that us wives go through.  Or maybe it's just me...but something interesting Mainly silly!

When I was first met Bobby, I was just the girlfriend.  Girlfriends don't count much really.  We don't get the "know" unless you know someone else.  I think there is more slack for girlfriends now, but back then, you were either a spouse or not a spouse.

Then, I became a spouse!  I was privy to all the "stuff", but quickly learn, there really wasn't that much stuff I was missing.

I was a young spouse married to a Junior Enlisted Submariner.  Boy, I did not understand ranks at all.  You would think that growing up in the military I would have a clue.  I had no clue!  I didn't get the Ward Room thing.  In fact, I was not happy with the Ward Room and I was not happy with the Ward Room Wives.  It was jealousy.  (Ward Room = Officers)




Why were these people so special?  Isn't my husband special too?  I get it now.

Soon, I became a wife of a Petty Officer 1st Class.  Cool!  We're moving on up!  Ok, I kinda of get it now.  Officers and Enlisted serve their own roles.  I totally respect the Ward Room and the Ward Room Wives.  In fact, I'm kinda of happy I'm not part of that now.  Those guys work an AWFUL LOT!  But seriously, I get it.  They earned their right to be there, just like my husband worked hard to make 1st.

Jealousy arises.  I'm learning about the CPO's (Chief Petty Officers).  Man, what's the deal?  So, what if so and so's husband is a CPO.  And so what if CPO's have their own thing going on!

Stupid again!

Jealousy again!

This time, my Petty Officer 1st Class tells me because of his rate, he's never going to make Chief.  I need to get over it and be happy that he at least made 1st.  OK...I live.  I go on.  I understand.  Chief's make their way too.  They work just as hard and their wives deserve it also. But, I'm still admiring the bigger houses CPO's get in housing!  I want a big house too :)

But, along the way through my jealousy and idiocracy, I found some great friends.   We shared a common bond, our husbands were deployed and working for the boat.  Our goals were the same. Support our men and take care of the home front.  We shared laughter and shared tears.  We helped with each others children and homes.  We formed our own sisterhood.  It's been awesome.  And this sisterhood was made up of the wives of the boat...not the Officer Wives, Junior Enlisted Wives or Senior Enlisted Wives.  But just us wives and few girlfriends too! Thanks girls for holding my hand and letting me suck my thumb!

But, it's still cool that Bobby made Chief.  However, I still didn't get the big house.  I will one day soon!

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