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March 2, 2009

Birthday Girl update!

I'm not sure what happened, but I've been on a internet vacation. Not completely, I guess I should say a blogging vacation.  I've been catching up on everyone elses blogs, making notes of what I should blog about, but have done nothing about it!

So, now that it's been a week since Lillian's Big 1, I thought I should finally share some pics of her and update you all on her 12 month well baby check up.

Can you guess our theme?  

Yummy!  Cake is GOOD!

Lillian testing out her cake.
This past week Lillian had her 12 month well baby visit.  She is doing so well!  So far her stats are:

Weight: 21.2 pounds (50% on typical charts, 95% on Down Syndrome Charts)
Height: 28.9 inches (50% on typical charts, 95% on Down Syndrome Charts)
Head: 17.4  (25% on typical charts, 50% on Down Syndrome Charts)

OH...did you catch that on camera???
I had to add in both the typical and Down syndrome growth charts so you all can see the difference.  Many babies and children with Down Syndrome are typically smaller, but big enough to still use a typical growth chart.  However, you can see the her difference when comparing charts.  Lillian is huge on the Down Syndrome charts, but average on the typical charts.   Eventually, I'm not sure when, she's going to fall off the typical charts.  

Am I ready for that?

Not sure.

I guess I should just enjoy the apples for now and worry about them lemons later!


  1. she's beautiful! I just found your blog through the "where two or more gather" site and I really look forward to following.

  2. Look at that big girl cutie!

    We are STILL waiting for M to break 20 lbs. LOL!

  3. So, so cute! Lillian looks like she had lots of fun for her first birthday...Brayden's is in April...can't believe it! Happy Birthday Lillian!

  4. She sure did enjoy her birthday cake! What a cutie:0)

  5. Your little one looks like she had the time of her life. Happy Birthday!

  6. She's beautiful! Happy Birthday, precious!

  7. She's gorgeous!! Happy Birthday! Hip Hip Hooray!



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