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March 4, 2009

No Good Deed goes unpunished!

That's right.  I said it!  No matter what you do to help make the world a better place, you're still getting punished for some odd reason!

Here's my story:

When we first moved to Travis AFB, I quickly learned that the base hospital has a program called "Teddy Watch".  It's a free daycare service at the hospital that is ran by volunteers!  I was so amazed and knew immediately that I wanted to volunteer.  The bonus is that we could bring our children with us during our volunteer hours!

I sign up!

I go through background check and training!

I pass background check...phew!

I start my first day today!

Well...actually I thought I would start.  They sent me to make sure my shots were up to date.

Punishment begins.

Told I need 4 shots, maybe 6 depending on my blood work!  

What!  Blood work too!

4 shots are given and I cry and I'm in  pain!

Go give blood for blood work.

I come back a very grumpy volunteer!

See...I told you no good deed goes unpunished!


  1. That does kinda stink!!

    I'm not sure how I missed Lillian's birthday post. She's so adorable. Love all the colorful decorations. Happy belated birthday Lillian!!!

    Just wanted to add...great idea to put both the percentages from the Ds and typical growth charts. I don't think many people realize kids with Ds are usually smaller.

  2. Yes, but now you are more protected (or something?) I'm just trying to find the bright spot!



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