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April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  

My kiddos and I will be celebrating this Easter at church.  Yes, that's right, just me and the kiddos. Because my beloved husband does not partake in the Sunday rituals with the family.  I don't complain, because I know it just makes it worse, I just leave every Sunday with a hopeful wish that I know won't be fulfilled.  But...BUT, That's OK!  I'm hoping he'll come around one day!

However, all isn't so bad, because my mom and sister have flown in to be with us!  I'm really happy because I missed them so much!  Of course, the kiddos are excited, but for the wrong reasons. When the Aunt and Grandma are in town, they get spoiled rotten!  Yes, I grumble, but deep down  I don't mind.  They make my kids happy.  That's what counts right?  


Sort of...because my Drama Queen has begun to expect many things from her mama and daddy that just won't happen.  So, now I just blame the Aunt and Grandma.  Geez...such mixed emotions!  But, I'm still happy they are here!

So, however you all celebrate Easter,  I  hope you're celebrating it well!

With Love....


  1. I hope you have a wonderful Easter and a great visit with your family. Let them spoil the brings joy to all of them!

  2. Happy Easter - enjoy the time spent with your family. (As a spoiling grandma, I don't see the problem here...LOL)

  3. Happy Easter! You have an award on my blog. ;)



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