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April 10, 2009


Ideally, for me at least, sleeping in until 8 a.m. would be wonderful!  

But I regress.  

I have 3 children in different age ranges and a husband to get off to work.  So, my mornings often start off early and my bedtime is often late.

And no matter how early I plan to wake up, my little Monkey girl thinks she should keep me company.  Soon after,  the trouble maker (Charlie) decides he wants up too.  Well, then I have to practically push the drama queen off her bed just to get her going.

Soon, the "Mommy" word starts flying around.  Trouble Maker and Drama Queen start at it and Monkey Girl thinks dirty shoes are fun to eat or politely reminds me to vacuum the floor when she starts scavenging for whatever "stuff" is laying around!

This morning was no different than the rest.  Just the beginning of Drama Queens spring break.  It began early.  But this mama had enough.  So, Trouble Maker and Drama Queen are sent back to their rooms.  I say, "Don't come back out until you can try to be nice and stop yelling at each other".  Monkey Girl now is happily eating cheerios and I'm finding a minute to actually blog about it!  OH...and I'm actually finishing a hot cup of coffee instead of luke warm or cold!

See, punishment isn't so bad :)

(P.S.  The husband has managed to sleep through most part.  But I did get his coffee ready and sent him off to work too)


  1. A mother's work is never done, is it?!?

  2. Umm,,,how long do you think the kids will let you sleep in on Easter Morning? Jonah already tried negotiating for 6 -- I said 8, we've settled on 7:30, but I'm guessing Maren will have us up by 5. UGH....

    Love to Monkey Girl from Maren! Happy Easter.



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