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April 26, 2009

Scarry Times are coming

I really hate negative news and I hate to share negative news, but this is bothersome!

I currently live in the state of California, where some major budget cuts are under way.  The state is asking for a $100 million budget cut from the Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDS).   They asked the DDS to recommend ways to cut their budget.  

This is what they came up with:

  • 88% of the cuts primarily impact direct services to consumers and families
  • 6% of the cuts impact families directly via increased fees and responsibilities
  • 4% of the cuts primarily impact Regional Centers
  • 2% of the cuts primarily impact Area Boards
  • 0% of the cuts come from DDS Headquarters
  • 0% of the cuts come from State Developmental Centers
  • 0% of the reduction is offset by generating additional federal fund

  • Please take note of the 88% cut and compare it to the 0% cut from DDS Headquarters.  

    I just can't believe that the DDS is recommending that the majority of their cuts come from direct services to consumers and families!  That means the services Lillian is getting for Developmental and Physical Therapy.

    I am truly understanding that the hand that holds the money is the hand that controls our fate.  

    If they want to take away what little I'm already receiving, then there should be no reason for those in headquarters to keep their jobs.  Since it's families like me who provide them with the jobs they need in the first place!

    The saddest part is this...I am a military wife.  Part of the military family who lives in CA but are not registered voters in the state of California.

    So, I'm begging and pleading to all my friends in CA to help protect the services that Lillian is getting.  These services are vital for her development so she may be a productive and active member of our society.  I as her mother can't give her all the tools that she needs to grow and thrive, those tools are taught to me and her by her Development and Physical Therapist!

    And for those living out of State, please pay attention to where those cuts are going.  I understand that cuts need to be made, but they should be fair and just!  The cuts here in California are far from it!

    Let's take the focus away from Developmental Disabilities and work on Developing Abilities!

    1 comment:

    1. Hang in there Sonia. There is always sunshine behind the clouds. It makes you want to invite these politicians to your house to experience a day in the life of Lillian. If only they could see what they are taking away, then maybe they would reconsider. My prayers are with you.



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