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May 26, 2009

Thank You!

This is a Thank You for everyone in our Armed Forces!  

I'm so proud to be a wife of a Sailor and a daughter to a Retired Air Force Master Sargent.  

I'm very proud that my children have real heroes to look up to!

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!

And a huge Thank You for all the spouses of those Sailors, Airmen and Soldiers!  


  1. How sweet of you!
    And what great timing, as I read this one through teary eyes...just saw off the new husband for his deployment #2 since we've been together (but who's counting).
    :) Thanks for being there...Hope your family is doing well these days.

  2. My son who is just over Ricki (Ricki is my 14 year-old daughter who has Down S.) WANTS to join the (Israeli) Navy when he gets drafted (I'm not sure they will take him). And his older brother (ONE of his many older brothers) is currently serving in the canine unit of the Israel Defence Forces.
    If you want to see what life is like for/with a teen with Down s. (and ADHD), pop on over!

  3. PS I put up a link to your "normal syndrome"



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