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June 2, 2009

So much but very little

I often have such great ideas of what I want to write and share about, but then those thoughts seem to disappear and I end up with nothing more to say.

So, for tonight, I will share or give a little update on my Monkey Girl.

She's doing fabulously well!  She's eating and growing and getting stronger every day.  We have completely cut milk from her diet because she just couldn't handle it.  After every bottle of milk, she would spit up/throw up every hour.  And it was the sour spit up.  The doctor put her on Zantac, but it didn't help.  So, after seeking some advise from some great friends, I've taken her off milk completely.  She drinks rice milk 3 times a day.  Because the lack of nutrients and fat, I make sure she gets it in other forms, i.e. olive oil, peanut butter, avocados and such.  I'm trying to get her to drink Juicy Juice new drink with the DHA's in them.  It's not too bad, but she hates to drink anything that is too cold.  So, everything I give her must be warmed!  I will be giving her some other supplements as soon as I order it online.  They aren't anything major, just some fish oil so she gets her Omega's in.

The work is worth it.  I feel like anything and everything I do for her will hopefully be beneficial. So, I've started to incorporate all those healthy habits with Trouble Maker and Drama Queen.  I've been giving them these gummy supplements with Fish Oil.  They're not impressed.  I have to bribe them every time...and I don't blame them.  Just because it looks like candy, it doesn't mean it will taste like candy!

Well, Drama Queen only has a four more days of school and summer break starts!  I'm actually looking forward to summer break.  I can actually wake up in the morning and not have to get anyone off to school.  That sounds so nice.  But, I'm keeping my fingers cross that next school year I'll be getting two off to school.  I signed Trouble Maker up for a free preschool program at Drama Queens school.  So far, he's number 10.  However, the list will be shortened because there will be kids on the list who will actually start kindergarten or have transferred out of the area.   So, please keep your fingers crossed and wish us luck that he gets in!

Well, guess something little became something much more!

How do you all keep your "possible" blog post ideas?  I am forever thinking of something great, and then never post it!


  1. Glad to hear that all is well! We'll be making the switch to rice milk soon too...for the same reason. Ugh.

    Whenever I have a blog idea, I type out some notes or a title or whatever, hit save, and wait until later when I have time to finish. I have some drafts that have been there for 6 months!

  2. Myguys had allergic collitis their first 18 months but finally grew out of it. During that time, we did rice milk also. They can have milk now but I don't give it to them after 5pm b/c it doesn't sit well at night... moans and groans all night long.

    As for blog post ideas... I keep a pen in my car visor and write them down on my hand as they occur to me... often when driving. This way I have to transfer it to a piece of paper that sits on my computer desk before my first handwashing or it's gone. Makes me deal with it right away. I still lose a few and I get some surprised looks when people see my left hand with notes jotted on my palm but that's never bothered me... With identical twins who happen to have Down syndrome, I've gotten used to people's surprised looks! Hey, playing on your idea, I think there's a blog in this comment for me!



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