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July 20, 2009

Down syndrome question about suffering

My post today is pretty short.

I just need to hear someone's answer to this one question...

Why do people believe that having Down syndrome equals suffering?


  1. people don't understand that being "different" can be OK. Anything out of the norm-whether it be Ds or something else. Interesting question though, b/c I'm always getting "but they're always so HAPPY" ????

  2. I'm wondering the same thing. I think they assume if you have syndrome then you are suffering. I always here it on the news or read it in a maganzine and it's annoying!

  3. I think it's because people believe they'll be teased. I'm not sure.

  4. I think being different is totally okay. When I got pregnant we had a scan done at 13 weeks to detect Down Syndrome and Trisomy 13, 18. I told my husband I was really worried because "What if the baby has Down Syndrome?" He said "Then we'll still love him or her just the same." Well, I kind of wanted to smack him for that. OF COURSE I would love my child just the same as if they didn't have it. The thought that was really breaking my heart was the idea of people one day teasing and saying mean things about the baby. I feel like that would have really crushed me. No child deserves that. I told my husband that I just wanted our baby to be as happy as possible and not worry about being the object of ridicule. He reminded me (we have one nephew with DS and have a couple friend who have kids with DS) that sometimes those kids are the happiest and most care free.

    So, I think people mistake the "suffering" thing. No parent ever wants to see their child in pain, physical or emotional. Because people out there in the this world can be very cruel, I think its natural to be a little worried about that.

    I hope that answers your questions and that I didn't offend anyone in the process.

  5. It's because they don't understand it. People that have never been around a person with Down Syndrome don't understand. It's the same as fear of the unknown.

  6. Oh this phrase always makes me mad. "Suffering" and "afflicted". What a bunch of hogwash. Just ask any teenager or adult with Down syndrome (or my 11 year old for that matter) and they'll tell you they are not suffering one bit, aside from fools who like to put people in categories. Ridiculous.

  7. The main reason that people associate Down syndrome with suffering is simply due to IGNORANCE.

    Anyone who believes Lilian, or Gabby, or Malea are "suffering" or will one day suffer, has obviously never met them or anyone with Ds.


  8. So true, Sonya. I can answer this for you.......... Society suffers. Society suffers because of what it does not know, because of what it does not love, because of what it cannot see. It is easier to displace that suffering then for society to experience the suffering themselves.

    I cringe every time I hear those words "suffers from Down syndrome". WHATEV'S the only thing I am suffering from is life because I know one day it will kill me. :O)

  9. I guess the answer to that question is no one has taught them any different. It's blogs like this one that help get the word out. Keep doing what your doing. Great Job!



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