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August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlie!

My little man turned 4 years old today! He woke up this morning with the most excitement ever for he knew today was HIS day!

It truly was.

My Charlie was suppose to be here on July 30, but after 32 hours of long hard labor followed by a csection, he finally made his appearance. He was born with the loudest cry. In fact, he still has that same cry!

Because I knew then that he didn't want to leave the warmth of my belly, he was always going to be my boy, and he still is.

Happy Birthday My Love!


  1. Happy Birthday Charlie. Wow 32 hours of labor and a c-section. I guess my 15 hours and emerg c section wasn't as bad as I thought.

    Hope you two have a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday Charlie!! Have a good one!

  3. Happy Birthday Charlie! You share your birthday with my boy Potter (nickname of course). We weren't expecting him until October 8th. He had a hard first year, but is stronger every day. He turned 6 on Friday. What a great weekend.



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