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August 4, 2009

1 Year Blogaversary!!!!

It has been 1 full year since I started blogging! And in this process, I've made some great blogging friends and met a few IRL!

This adventure has been so much fun. It's like my new addiction...but a good one! I have learned far more about Down syndrome from the blogging community than I have from all the doctor's and specialist. I have learned about other cultures, other people, about being more "green", how to save a few extra dollars, decorating tips, health food tips...I have learned a lot!

I just hope in the midst of all my learning, that those who come here have learned something from me or even just enjoyed their experience here on my blog.

So, here's to a new chapter, on to another year!


  1. Happy Blogaversary!!
    Ditto on blogging being a new addiction and learning a that makes it a good addiction right? hehe.
    Cheers to another year!

  2. happy birthday!
    i feel the same way - and i met the first bloggers IRL last week end - this is so cool! keep up the good blogging!


  3. happy happy blogiversary!! I agree that this community is far more informative and beneficial than anything we can hear from our doctors or read in books!! :)



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