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July 22, 2009

Moving blogroll

Phew...the last two days have been kinda emotional in blog land! But, I'm glad to know that my friends and family are always so supportive, including my blogging buddies :) I guess this is why I blog. So, others can see that my life isn't so bad.

Now, if only I can find something passionate to write about being a military, navy, submariners wife! I know I have some fun interesting stories and advise somewhere! Ahhh...soon. I'll have to talk about my upcoming move!

On a side note, I wanted to discuss some of the changes on my blog. On the right you will notice the "my pages" links. There you will find my blog roll. Please take the time to see if you are on there or know of anyone who should! Both in the Down syndrome and everyone else! Especially, our Down syndrome group! We seem to be growing in numbers and I love it! So, if you can, ust spread athe word...just a little would be nice :)

My site seems to always be a work in progress, but I think I'm getting there (I hope). But I was wondering. Are you guys getting offers for product reviews and other informational stuff?

So, I'm just gonna end it with some pictures of my kiddos. Man, I love those kids!

All of them asleep at once!
Left over from her smores.
I added this one because I love taking shots of her little body.


  1. I love the layout of your blog. Very cool!
    Your kids are all adorable.

  2. CUTE pics!!! Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!!! :) You can add our adoption blog too, if you want!

  3. Thanks for all the comments and advice Sonia! I am beginning to wonder if it is just milk products or not? is really hit and miss, sometimes he does, somtimes he doesn't spit up! I will have to look at the munchkin straw cup too! :)
    Your little Lillian has gotten so big and is SOOOOO dang cute! I have not been on BBC in so long, so I am just starting to find everyone in the blog world...are you on FB? I am under Darlena Anderson Lehnick...if you are! Love all the recent pics of your to you soon...

  4. Too cute! And I love the sleepy head tilt in the same direction :)

  5. Your kids are so darn gorgeous!

  6. I love your blog layout, especially the layout for your blogroll. Thanks for listing me in it.
    I don't get offers for product reviews or informational stuff but just for fun, I like to blog about Matthew's toys every Tuesday and about books that we read every Friday.

  7. Sonia - I'm so sorry I missed you at the convention. I would have loved to have met you and your family! My mom went to the convention with me, so you probably saw her with Brennan. Maybe we'll be able to meet up next year in Orlando?!?



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