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July 17, 2009


The girl is on the move! She started taking her first real steps! They may have been a little wobbly, but she owned them! Not one, not two, but four big steps on her own!!! I think because of all the excitement and cheering we've been giving her, she keeps on trying. It's so cute, her determination! She hasn't made it past four, but that's OK...I will take whatever she give us.

I am so proud of her. Maybe she's just trying to get her momma motivated to get up and going too!

Love my girl!

In the whole scheme of things I feel like she's doing quite well. As a parent of a child with Down syndrome, I am fully aware that she will hit her milestones, just like her brother and sister did, but in her own time. But...and there is a big BUT, I think because of the help we are getting from her physical and developmental therapists, she's more motivated and she's being driven to reach those milestones sooner than rather later. And for that, I thank them for their dedication to Lillian and for taking the time in learning who she is and how she works.

Right below, you can see the differences in the time frame for walking. I also, added when Charlie and Katie started walking for reference.
Typical Children Average: 11 months Range: 8 - 18 months
*Charlie 10 months
*Katie 12 months

Children w/Down syndrome Average: 24 months Range: 12 - 65 months

I think for sure Lillian will be walking soon. Well, at least I think she will.


  1. That's amazing! She's quite the little superstar!

  2. Awesome!! Way to go Lillian!! Matthew just started taking more steps too. I have a post (and video) about it scheduled for Sunday. :-)

  3. So amazing! What a thrill!

  4. how exciting! WTG Lilian!!



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