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October 1, 2009

3rd Annual 31 for 21 Blog Challenge

Get It Down; 31 for 21

It's here! 31 days of blogging. Not just for any reason, but for Down syndrome of course! Last year I participated and completed and I'm hoping to do the same again this year.

However, if most people who read my blog know, I haven't been a good blog author. Life has gotten a hold of me, but for the better.

I started taking online courses to become a Medical Transcriptionist. This course is really kicking me in the butt, but (hahahaha...get it) I will not give up! You would think after completing high school and college, that this would be easier. I was wrong. Wrong because I didn't have three kids, a husband and two dogs to look after back then. I'm so happy this course is a self pace course with no deadlines!

And at last, I have become serious about deflating my spare tire. I'm just getting tired of looking at it, feeling it, and lugging it around. Because really, there is no good use for a spare tire on me! And it's so not pretty. I'm competing in a Biggest Looser Challenge online with some friends. I've done good with it and have lost 16 pounds since February...but need to really work harder. So, the gym has been my second home. The great thing about my gym is they have a family room. The not so great thing is the family room has two elliptical machines, one treadmill, and two bikes. And everyone wants nothing to do with the bikes. AND even when I show up at 8:20 a.m. everything is already taken up! So, my new plan is to hit the gym at 5:30 a.m. so I can work out without kids in the cool adult room, where there are big screen t.v.'s and personal t.v.'s at each station! I think getting skinny thing should be some what enjoyable with a t.v. in my face at all times :) So, wish me luck and I will keep you all posted!

Maybe, at the end of this challenge I can get an "I did it" tee shirt too!


  1. Wow. Your amazing. Look at all of the things that you are doing. I too want to get back to working out but it just hasn't happened yet. Maybe you will be my inspiration:). Best of luck on the studying. I am going to check out the 31 for 21 challenge and see what it's about.

  2. Best workout wishes to you! I don't have the discipline to get up that early anymore. More power to you!

  3. Oh wow! You are one busy mamma! BEST wishes for a healthful and FUN transformation, whatever your goal may be. I love logging my workouts in The Daily Mile, and you can get a cute little motivational widget for your blog too, if you like it. Good luck on the classes as well!!



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