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September 22, 2009


I recently came across this quote and thought it was time that I shared it:

We have probably all met people who are intensely educated, but who manage to be abysmally stupid, Isaac Assimov

I share this quote because there seems to be an abundant of professionals out there who seem to know what's in my best interest, how I should live, and that the those with Down syndrome cannot be happy and must be miserable because of their genetic disposition.

They are stupid!

Apparently, it doesn't matter how educated you become and where you've been to school, you can still remain stupid.

I often think that these people have nothing better to do. They mustn't because they cannot find the brighter side of life. Life is about making choices. I choose to give my children a happy and meaningful life. I choose to raise a child with Down syndrome. I choose to enrich my children's lives with the knowledge that being different is OK. But it's the choice that I'm raising a child with Down syndrome that these professionals can't understand. Why can't they understand it?I think because they choose to fill their heads with such negative knowledge that they forgot to feel what Love is all about.

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  1. very profound....hope I'm not included in those professionals that are intensely educated but abysmally stupid :) Let me know if I need to snap out of it :) J/K



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