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October 12, 2009

31 for 21 day 11

Yesterday, I posted that "Life is Good"!

Really, at this point it is. But, yesterday was just one of those terrific days and I only had a minute to share. So, I told you all that life if good!

You see, I have a friend, whom I've known since my high school days in England. She and I played volleyball together and lived around the corner from each other. We both left in 1994, she to New Mexico and me to Florida. Throughout the years, we've tried to keep in touch, even tried to visit once, but it didn't happen. So, yesterday it happened! We got to each other's faces again for the first time since high school! We are 52 miles apart! How could we not visit?

It was truly amazing to see her and her family again. And to add, her husband and beautiful baby girl. I also got to meet her husband's brother. In fact, her daughter is only 3 months younger than Lillian! Looking at my friend was like looking back in the past, she hadn't changed one bit, and neither have I (so she says!). There was no moment of awkwardness and we just fell into our comfort zones, like we've been keeping in touch since our last visit. We met at her parents house and had lunch with them. Her older sister and children were there and so was her baby brother. OK...her brother was the biggest change! When I saw him last, he was still a, he's a married man with a little girl and another on the way!

The most amazing part was how my kids just fit right in! The children got along and played like they've been friends and even Lillian had a great time.

There's something to be said when you are truly comfortable around other people. I am so happy that our visit yesterday was just that, comfortable.

So, how does this post have anything to do with Down syndrome? Truthfully, there is a lot! But mostly, because when they met Lillian, they saw just her. They embraced Lillian for Lillian just like they did with Katie and Charlie. There were no silent moments, awkward stares, or judgement passed upon her. There was only love and happiness!

There is more to this story. Though, I can't be the one to share...but the rest will come soon!

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