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October 21, 2009

31 for 21....YIKES

OH did I let this get away from me?

I know, sick kids, online courses, and our Uncle from Washington coming for a visit!

So, let me start with the sick kids part.
Lillian was sick for the longest time! I thought her cold would never go did, it just TOOK it's time! I called the pediatric office and they said to keep her home because they fear she could get worse if I brought her in. Fine with me, because I'm not big on Dr's offices anyways. Then we had her cardiologist appointment. The appointment went very well! Her doctor does not want to see her for another year! Now, it doesn't mean her heart is hole free, it just means she's very healthy and the holes in her heart are not a big concern right now. Because they size of the holes have not changed, he did say that we could be looking at surgery when she turns 4. 4 is a good age, because it will give her body the chance to repair itself if it wants to. Thankfully, open heart surgery has come a LONG LONG ways!

OH...and then there are two other therapies that might be added to our mix of things. This past week she had an Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy Evaluation. I believe the O.T. went great! The therapist said a lot of positive things and made me feel good. However, the Speech not so great. I did go prepared for speech, because I realize her speech is her weakest area. But, what I didn't expect was her speech to place her at the 9 - 12 month range. That was a little disheartening...but all I can say is it can only get better from here!

Now, let's talk about online courses. Ok...really, this will be short. What was I thinking? I only have 11 more months to go to finish this course for Medical Transcription...but man, what was I thinking? Surely, though, it will pay off. Right?

We also had a fabulous visit from Bobby's uncle from Washington State. We had a great time with him and I'm sure the kiddos kept the man busy! We also ate...and ate some more! Chinese food, I should say Chinese Buffets are not helpful when you are trying to loose weight!

So, hopefully, I will not neglect my blog and to keep up with the 31 for 21 Blog Challenge!


  1. gabby always takes forever to recover from little colds too. Glad she is feeling better and doesn't have to see the cardiologist for a year. That is AWESOME!

    I hear ya on feeling a little disheartened about the speech thing. We went through the same feelings at our IFSP a few weeks back. It's okay though and you're'll only get better!

    Hang in there with your online courses. It WILL pay off! :)

  2. I'm so glad she is doing better!

    Cody has been doing speech thereapy since he was about 18 months and we didn't see progress for quite some time. It turns out that the poor guy has had fluid in his ears for who knows how long. Once the tubes were put in he started forming more words. For the most part we rely on sign and that has been such a huge help in the communication gap.

    Do they provide options for a speech therapist? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cody's infant therapist that he saw last year. He now does speech therapy at school and she is great, too.

    Good luck with your online courses and I hope it just flies by for you!



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