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October 9, 2009

31 for 21 day 8, My BFF Lily

I asked a few friends to help me with my 31 for 21 Challenge to help raise positive Awareness of Down syndrome. The following, is from my BFF Lily, whom I met while my husband was stationed in Hawaii.

When a woman gets pregnant she is excited with great news to share with friends and family. And she prays that God will send her an angel to love and care for. When Sonia told me that she named her baby Lillian after Bobby's grandmother I was happy for them. I love the name Lillian. In my heart/mind they named her after me, her BFFFFFF.

Sonia and I have always been honest with each other since the first day we become friends. I told her I didn't like her too much when she approached me at the park in Catlin (Navy Housing in Honolulu, HI). I tried so hard to hide from her but she kept on following me. Over the years, we became very close. Then I realized that God had sent me an angel, a soul sister to love. A couple of days after Lillian's birth, Sonia told me that her baby has Down syndrome. I knew in my heart that God had sent Sonia an angel. She has so much love and affection in her it's contagious. She would love Lillian with all of her strength. Worrying was the last thing on my mind. I knew Sonia has the spirit and determination to love and help her baby through life and she would give her last breath for that baby.

Much love and kisses,

I just wanted to add...I did not follow her! She looked like she needed a friend too :)

It's true, Lily is like my soul sister! We get each other and love to eat. Our families spent a lot of time together while in Hawaii. Besides the beaches and gorgeous weather, Lily was and is one of the main reasons that I would go back in a heartbeat! Although, she and I have been apart for a couple of years now, I know that she will love my Lillian just like she loved Katie and Charlie. It's so wonderful to have people like Lily in my life!

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